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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  January 9, 2010 9:00am-10:30am EST

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22, andrews air force base. 24, dulles international. 26 degrees, much of montgomery county, maryland. 27, annapolis. windchills in the teens out there. the wind will be nowhere near as strong as they were last weekend. today, winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. last weekend, 45 miles per hour. not that windy. still, plenty of a winter chill in the air. highs barrel near freezing for today and tomorrow. >> thanks, chuck. the washington wizards are learning to live without gilbert arenas, at least for the time being. the team took to the courts fort frs time since their star player was suspended. they did it in front of their fans. >>. >> reporter: no arenas on the court and no images of him inside the arena. those looking for his jerseys were out of luck.
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jim nagle wore his own. >> i feel like the team and the league is throwing him under the bus. i am wearing this shirt in support of himonight. >> reporter: other fans seemed sympathetic too. >> you have to hold him accountable to certain things. at the same time, he is a human being too. >> reporter: meanwhile, the investigation into what happened between gilbert arena and gentleman var advi javaris crittenton. they claim d.c. police are downloading footage from this cameras, wanting to see players reactionso the gun incident. a team official says, if there was anything captured on tape, this would be the only camera that got it. also new, word that several wizards players met with the grand jury before friday night's game. the coach has banned gambling on the plane. multiple reports say the gun incident started with a gambling
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dispute. as law enforcement hopes to wrap up its investigation soon. >> the team doesn't give up on him and trade him for mitch richmond and he comes back and is the fun-loving guy no comes out and gets shots and wins games for us that we all remember from a couple of years ago. >> reporter: craig melvin, "news4 today." he is not the only wizard bs disciplined. the nba has fined four other players for smiling and laughing in a huddle on tuesday night when arenas pretended to shoot them. we'll let you here antoine jamison's apology to wizards' fans firsthand. dan hellie will be back with that later in our broadcast. police in prince george's county are looking for a killer who shot to death a man overnight. investigators found the victim
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just before 11:00 has the night. police aren't saying who the victim is or what led to the shooting. there is also no word about whether they have any suspects. today is no longer considered an off day at the meters. this is the first saturday you will have to pay to park. street parking prices are higher in premium demand zones such as adams morgan. that's where we find news 4's derrick ward. he is live with the details. you have your bucket full of quarters with you? >> something like that. hopefully, i won't be still too long to have to pay these new rates. you know, the key thing is that there are going to be a lot of changes an a little complicated to figure out what you paid and where you parked. the key is po pay attention to science. the signs, they are changing. there are now two types of
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parking zones in the district, premium zones where you park at $2 per hour and the normal zones, where parking is at 75 cents and hour. the premium zones are where the demand is higher. most metered parking falls under that premium category, places like here in adams morgan, georgetown, chinatown and the mall. more than 100,000 signs to be updated. be aware of the signage and where you park. >> pay attention to the signs. we are not looking to catch anybody. again, there are 100,000 signs. we can't change them all in a day. it will roll out over a number of days. >> that's a bummer. we won't be able to come on saturdays then. >> i won't be parking a lot. >> reporter: now, in a lot of places, the enforcement of those
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parking meters will be extended to 10:00 p.m. and on saturdays. enforcement will expand in all of the premium zones. if you think it is higher here, take heart. it is more expensive, about $3 an hour in places like baltimore and philadelphia. >> and parking in a garage, even more than that? >> reporter: exactly. still a bargain. prince george's county is changing its new speed camera plan. it originally called for fixed cameras in speed speed zones. those cameras won't be fixed devices. instead, they ll be mobile units. more permanent cameras would have created $3 million in tickets but the county would only receive $100,000 of that. drivers will get a 30-day grace period. a speed camera ticket will mean a $40 fine. new today, the man accused of causing the security scare at
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the newark airport faces a trespassing charge. hai song jang was arrested ducking under a rope in a restricted area after watching a security guard leave his post. the man walked off with a woman apparently giving her a good-bye kiss. the security scare grounded flights and stranded passengers for hours. >> there is a message that goes out there that says, don't try it. don't try it. because, if you do, we are going to catch you. >> the 28-year-old suspect is a rutgers university doctoral student from china. the security guard is on administrative leave facing possible disciplinary action. they are accused of crashing the hottest ticket in town. a celebrity stylist is part of the investigation of a virginia couple who went to thetate
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dinner at the white house uninvited. tareq and michaele salahi could be charged with lying to a government official in the case. they have subpoenaed celebrity stylist, erwin gomez, who did michaele salahi's makeup. the stylist who did her hair was also subpoenaed. the man accused of trying to bomb a noort west flight on christmas day has appeared in detroit, umar farouk abdulmutallab appeared in detroit. some say he shouldn't have been there in the first place. pete williams has the latest from detroit. >> reporter: u.s. marchshals escorted umar abdulmutallab in
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the court. he told the judge he is taking pain pills. his lawyer said he was clear head ed enough to follow the proceedings. he said he understood the charges and the maximum penalty. his lauren tewyer entered a plet guilty for him. several dozen members of the muslim community voiced their support fort prosecutors. >> it is important for us muslim americans to send out the message we do not condone or smother terrorism in any way. it is no the a part of our religion whatsoever, no matter what you hear or what terrorists may sa >> reporter: former just disdepartment officials say he shouldn't be here. he should be declared an enemy comb combatant. >> we are going to get
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intelligence not as fully by classifying him. >> reporter: they say he talked his head off, administration officials say he stopped answering questions after 30 hours of questioning but before he asked for a lawyer. the deputy national security adviser told dateline nvmtbc th moment he was arrested. >> that was pete williams reporting. abdulmutallab could receive life in prison if convicted. the unemployment rate held steady at 10% last month. in his weekly address, the presidt urged americans to be patient during this economic recovery. he also says his administration working to find long-term solutions to problems that cause the current economic crisis,
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solutions washington ignored for so many years. >> that's why as we begin to emerge, we will not troureturn that complacency that helped cause the crisis. we are building a new foundation for our economy to create good, lasting jobs and share prosperity for tomorrow. >> president owe bama mentionedb losses had declined. >>. >> why police think this video could help them crack the case. more changes in the skies. why a court ruling could mean the end of the on board snack for some airlines.
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. a new video shows the al qaeda double agent vowing for revenge for the killing of a taliban leader. family and friends will gather to pay their final respect to harold brown, one of the workers who was killed. he lived in fairfax. the 37-year-old leaves behind a wife and two children. a california man is accused of lying and claiming to be an illegal immigrant to avoid heading to prison.
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police say a man who identified himself as adolfo parizio was arrested telling them he was in the country illegally. investigators say he is actually a u.s. citizen wanted for murdering his wife in california. police discovered the truth through a fingerprint check. he will now be extra dieted to california. montgomery county police need your help finding a couple of men who knocked off three 7/11s, including one robbery caught on tape. they robbed stores in montgomery village and germantown on wednesday morning between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. each time, the robbers told the clerk they had guns and demanded cash. crime solveers is offering a reward for up to $1,000 for information that helps nab these thiefs. poli are warning businesses about a man posing as a fire or building inspector. they say he has hit at least
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three times in most recent months on thursday at a doctor's office on wisconsin avenue, claiming he was there to check the sprinkler system. he was able to walk through the office alone and stole cash and checks before taking off. he also hit a convenience store and a dry cleaner back in august and may be behind similar crimes in the district and in fairfax county. anyone with an allergy to nuts knows just how serious it can be to come into contact with them. sometimes just being in the vicinity can trigger a reaction. this sort of thing can happen on an airplane. the canadian transportation agency is doing something about the problem. the cbc's chris brown reports. >> reporter: sophia hire is deathly allergic to nuts, so much so that on one air canada flight in 2006, she hid in the bathroom when she served the snacks after the airline refused to ban nuts. >> people who didn't understand
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the allergy took the attitude and thought i was being obstructive. >> reporter: she complained to air canada's regulator, the canadian transportation agency which ruled that her allergy is a disbelieve. their lack to provit accommodations to a person with this disability is an obstacle to the mobile of doctor hire, it rules. they ordered the airline to create a nutfree zone of seats around allergic passengers that requested it. that invokes notions of a special seating air dwra. west jet says it's flight attendants don't serve nuts. air canada, which still serves almonds and cachews.
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>> the buffer zone is just a step. the bigger thing is avoiding some of these highlyallergenic foods on the airplanes. >> you are willing to jeopardize the health an safety of everyone on the plane so the business passengers can eat nuts. >> reporter: they have to come up with a plan as to how much notice an allergic passenger is required to give. chris brown, cbc knew, vancouver. 9:27 after the break. very chilly outside. drink are hot chocolate, maybe some warm oatmeal
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an arizona man likes to drive in an unusual way. richard florez, who was caught speeding twice in two minutes by traffic cameras, both times with his head sticking out of the sun roof. his shoulders too. there is no one else holding that wheel. he is the only one in the car. police are quite familiar with the 25-year-old. his car has activated speed cameras 14 times in just over a month. it is not clear how or why florez chose to drive with his head out of the sun roof. maybe he is looking for a reality tv show. >> it's a bad idea no matter how you look at it. as a convertible owner, even i
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no he that today is not the day to have your head exposed to the open wind. >> when is the last time you had the top down. >> november but i am hard core. i will drive on a cold day. it is going to be a tough day no doubt about it for today or tomorrow. as you are making your plans to get out and enjoy your weekend, include a heavy winter coat, a hat, earmuffs and if you want to put the roof down, go right ahead and do it. i have driven in as cold as 25 degrees sunshine with the roof down. didn't go far or drive fast. nonetheless, you have to be hard core once in a while. outside right now, a lot of sunshine. it is cold january sunshine for certain temperature. it has hopped all the way up to 28 degrees at national airport. the winds have eased up just a little bit out of the north at 7
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miles an hour. windchills, a balmy 21 degrees. it's been a cold january. the second weekend of the month. for the month so far, a little bit more than 5 degrees colder than average. temperatures areawide now in the mid to high 20s. we are not going to be moving up too much more. that northwesterly wind flow is going to keep temperatures in the high 20so maybe the freezing mark for a few lucky folks early, later this afternoon. in maryland, 25 degrees, in hagerstown. west virginia, temperatures in the mid 20s. winchester and front royal, mid-20's. north to northwesterly wind. windchills, low to mid teens across most of the western suburbs to right around 20 downtown. still, mid teens for windchills all the way down into far southern maryland. as far as the radar, no snow around here. winter storm warnings are still up for far western maryland and the western slopes of the
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mountain. it could create another several inches of snow. we have sunshine and cold northwesterly winds in place. this is going to be the pattern for the next several days as a big cell of arctic high pressure anchors itself over the eastern parts of nebraska and western iowa. atlanta, dropped down to 11 degrees this morning. that's a cold start by atlanta's standards. this frigid air mass is going to in place all weekend lodge. tomorrow, no the as much of a northwesterly wind. finally, a little warming trend comes our way as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. mostly sunn breezy and cold. windchills are going to stay in the teens. coldest night of the weekend, tonight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow, because of that cold start will stay in the high 20s with sunshine. near 40 degrees on tuesday. as we head towards wednesday, thursday, friday, 42 to 45
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degrees. that's going to seem like a little hint of spring. >> sometimes you have to get the clunker out and drive it around. >> you are crazy. it's confirmed. thanks, chuck. bitter cold continues to grip most of the country. overnight temperatures did not get above zero in five states. the icy roads are creating a nightmare for chicago. kevin tibbles reports from chicago. >> reporter: frigid temperatures turned chicago roadways into skating rinks. three people were taken to the hospital following this 27-car pileup. >> just one after another. it was like one of those nightmares that won't go away. >> reporter: plenty of winter frustration here in chicago as amtrak's california zephyr train pulled into union station 19 hours late. >> that was a train from hell.
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that was a nightmare. >> reporter: the zephyr left california three days ago and ran into massive snow drifts. >> the snow drifts were two-stories call in front of the train. >> reporter: clearing all the snow burned up time. >> it was horrible. >> reporter: the nightmare was far from over. the train then hit a pickup truck in iowa. >> it was a disaster the entire ride. >> reporter: by the time the zephyr hit chicago, passengers were fuming. amtrak has now suspended service between chicago and denver because of high winds and drifting snow. in crown point, oregon, the bone-chilling winds hit 100 miles an hour over the columbia river. >> insane wind at crown point. >> reporter: they are whipping across the nation. this arctic blast has left the mercury dangerously low in fargo and across the midwest. by sunday, it's expected to be
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zero in much of the northeast. winter is not going anywhere fast. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. first, the wizards pull his picture from the verizon center. now, there is more on gilbert arenas' fallout. how the team is apologizing for the gun controversy. it was the best of both world's for a time. why hannah montana's days are numbered? an update on a puppy with a heart, a big heart. why today will be a if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game
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due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple minutes could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer.
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as long as i am your captain, as long as these guys right here are my teammates, to make this one of the most respectable organizations in the league. >> a public apology from the wizards to their fans just days after gilbert arenas' suspension. how are fans reacting to one of the most embarrassing weeks in the franchise' history? it's been nearly six months since michael jackson died. there is now word that charges might be eminent. we will tell you who could be facing them. resolution rescue, the website that could help hold you accountable in the new year. good morning, everyone. i'm kimberly suiters. thanks for watching "news4 today." just ahead, a check of what's making news this morning. first, here is chuck bell with a look at the forecast. did you make a resolution this
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year? >> i certainly did. i am going to better my time in the marine corps marathon. >> you haven't had time to do it just yet? >> luckily, that race is on halloween. i have a little ways to make that come to fruition. you don't want to fall off the wagon too far after the new year. outside, it is a cold start. you are going to have to run on the treadmills for today. it is a little bit on the ugly side for running conditions. clear skies. icy, cold wind blowing, temperatures, 28 degrees downtown. 27, fairfax. 28, maen as sas. 27 degrees in purcellville. 28, annapolis. windchills in the mid to high teens pretty much all across the area. 21, washington. 16, the current windchill in prince george's county. highs today, in the upper 20s and lower 30s. keeping those windchills in the teens. somebody that knows something about the cold is the man who is
9:31 am
standing in it. derrick ward. how are you? >> i am cold, chuck. w how are you? >> it is winter and we shouldn't be surprised it is cold. the winters tically have been milder than they are. this cold air is like that cousin that comes to visit and won't leave, this arctic weather. it has been so cold that when it gets up to 30 degrees, it feels like a warming trend. most of us layered up and hunkered to deal with it. i'm latin. i have hot blood. >> reporter: does it help to move as well? >> absolutely. >> reporter: what are you out doing? >> going to the gym. >> reporter: when you come out, do you have to wait a while before you come out? >> a little bit, a little bit.
9:32 am
it's encouraging to run home faster. >> reporter: you see some pedestrians who are dealing with the cold weather. usually, when the sun comes up, it seems to heat things up but not so today. we will try and stay warm. chuck and kimberly, back to you guys. >> it is awfully cold out there. moving on to another story. the washington wizards say they are sorry for the recent gun investigation that led to star, gilbert arena's suspension and fines for four other players. the captain apologized before last night's game against the orlando magic at verizon center. it was the wizards' first game since arena was suspended. four players have been fined $10,000 each for smiling or laughing in a photo taken of arenas pretending to shoot teammates. most agree with the league's
9:33 am
decision to keep gilbert off. >> i am a little disappointed in gilbert and the pact that they had to have the league intervene. >> you pay the price. >> witeverything going on, i think the league probably made the right decision. >> as for the investigation into what happened inside tt locker room between gilbert arenas and teammate, javaris crittenton, police are reportedly looking at surveillance video from just outside of the locker room to see players' reactions to the gun incident. sometimes professional athletes forget that when they are on tv. all eyes are watching. in the wake of gilbert arenas and tiger woods scandals, john went to search what makes a real role model. >> reporter: here at roosevelt high, the endless trophies and
9:34 am
banners are hard to miss. they have a winning tradition of attracting players that hope to play in the pros. >> dwight howard, he is level-headed, a good player, good person to look up to. kobe, kobe brinlt, he always does what it takes to win. >> those are nba players but it is not nestlecessarily a bad th. >> i am curious to find out what they think about the situation and not get into a gun debate but certainly, the way he handled it wasn't great. he certainly could have handled it better. >> reporter: one d.c. firefighter is taking it a step further, teaming up with his brother and a friend to start the aau basketball team, ivy 23. >> when things get tough on the court, how to deal them. >> it's hard work, just like
9:35 am
life. whatever you put in it is what you get out. >> reporter: without getting paid, they spend about 20 to 30 hours a week coaching and fundraising. if you ask nathaniel blackman, he will tell you that he is no the a role model. >> i think the parents are the true role models. we are so proud of the sergeant and all of the members ofhe district of columbia, fire and ems department. i think for years, children have looked up to firefighters, pair madeics, emergency medical tex r particular nigss, so we do play a role model, you will, in our community. i am pleased with that. d.c.'s fire chief says anyone in the public eye has an obligation to be a good one. well, thursday night is your chance to check out some of this spring's hottest fashion trends
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and help a great cause. the charity, labels for love, will be hosting union 2010, featuring a runway show by fashion icon lela rose. joining us now on more on what to expect and how you g tickets to this event is the founder of labels for love, mary amonds. >> great to see you. >> we kind of grew up together. for people who don't know, let's start with labels for love. what inspired you to create this? >> i have five children. they are getting older. i didn't really want to go back to work. i wanted to have some flexibility and tip my toe back and get some experience in the working world. i decided to start a charity to
9:37 am
get ex peernd and leaveexperien help them learn how to support others in need. >> supporting children's hospital is a wonderful thing to do, what makes this event special and unique for washington? >> this unique event is going to be about the art community, the fashion community and the philanthropy community as well. we have created a cocktail hour that will feature seven of d.c.'s fab louse artist. maggie o'neil and my daughter, lauli will be featured as the artists. we will have a fantastic cocktail party at the renaissance capital hotel. >> there is a kate gosselin connection.
9:38 am
>> i am hoping that maybe she will make an appearance. i think she is trying to flee from the public eye right now because there is so much hype out how beautiful she has been transformed by ted gibson, who has been an amazing support to me in this event and help today secure lela rose. she will show her spring collection. we have cadillac involved. some other big sponsors that really, truly, the may flour, ren son hotel has been amazing in supporting it. >> how do you get tickets. go on our website, the tickets are 250. you get a front row seat and a fab louse afterparty. jason is the colorist that is my favorite. jason and ted are a couple. they have made this event come
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together beautifully with their support. >> it's a wonderful, wonderful event. spl. >> on a separate note, what is it like to be a washington housewife? >> i cannot confirm nor deny. we'll see. >> we're all watching. >> i hope you can come and join us on thursday night. >> the time is now 9:39. how are you doing with your new year's resolution? the website that could help keep you on track if you want that.
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a celtic romance, an alter
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ego and a has-been country singer. mark barger shows us what you will find new at the box office this weekend. it is leap year. a woman can propose to a man on the 29th of february. >> dad, i'm not going to dublin. >> amy adams decides to take a leap of faith in the romantic comedy "leap year." she travels to ireland to propose to her boyfriend. easier said than done. adams will end up enlisting travel help from matthew good. "leap year," rated pg. michael sarah plays nick, a teen wall flour to creates a rebellious alter ego to win the girl of his dreams. he does things he ought not be doing and puts nick on the run from police. it is rated "r."
9:43 am
>> what happens when there isn't a single drop left. >> vampires have just about taken over the world in the sci-fi thriller "daybreakers." he is sympathetic to the few humans still around. that's only if the bad vampires don't get there first. it is rated "r." >>ou learned right now, i've known better. >> jeff bridges is twanging his way into theaters in "crazy heart." he is up for a golden globe as part of his role as bad blake. it is rated "r." that's the box office preview from mark barger. miley cyrus and hannah montana, both the show and the
9:44 am
character are reportedly parting ways. the show that launched miley cyrus into megastar done will end after it's fourth season. a disney representative confirmed that the show will end after it's next round of episodes. season four will reportedly continue to focus on the title character's struggle to balance both lives as pop star, hannah montana, and as normal teenagers, miley stuart. coming up next, we will take
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9:46 am
the "associated press" is reporting that prosecutors are
9:47 am
preparing to charge michael jackson's doctor with involuntary manslaughter. dr. conrad murray would be prosecuted for gross negligence. he gave jackson the powerful anesthesia propoe fall before he died. the singer's death was ruled a homicide caused by acute tox kags. if charged and convicted, murray could face up to four years in prison. so how are you doing it keeping your new year's resolutions? perhaps you would have more incentive to keep them if you had your own money riding on following through on those goals? a new website offers you that opportunity. lester hold shows you how. . at the start of every new year comes the resolve to make a change. >> my new year's resolution is to spend more time with my family. >> i need to blow dry my hair and wear makeup more frequently. >> i need to work out.
9:48 am
>> i need to exercise more. >> reporter: an estimated 45% of americans will make fitness and diet resolutions in the new year. the hard part is making the stick. >> crunch time for us. >> reporter: enter, jordan goldberg, the new years the black friday for, the brain child of jordan and two yale professors. it helps them make a commitment in their lives. >> they make commitments to lose weht, quit smoking or study more. >> reporter: what's unique about stick is that they can opt to put money on the tlin make sure they will succeed. >> 30% of our users offer to put money where their mouth is. >> reporter: katherine wanted to shed extra pounds last year. i committed $5 per week if i department make my weight loss goal, i would have to donate. i xhoez to donate to a charity.
9:49 am
>> reporter: users decide the amount they want to register and a timetable for achieving their goals. four months later and 13 points lighter, katherine only had to pay up once. >> aside from the first one, i was 100% successful. >> research suggests that money gets people to do things. when there is money on the lip, people are three or more times likely to accomplish things. >> whether you want to wage your money or keep it simple, research shows that old habits diehard. >> i don't have new year's resolutions, because i do not keep them. >> maybe that should be her resolution. the story that we first brought to you on the daily connection, tune in to watch the stories everybody will be talking about. you can catch it every day right here on nbc 4 at 3:00.
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that's a fun show, daily connection. >> there is a fitness chain apparently in denmark that will charge you more for not going to the gym, which i think is a brilliant business model. >> show up, order a protein shake and go home. >> if they started moving the rates up on me, i would be there pretty much every day of the week. outside today, definitely an indoor running day. if it gets below 35 or 40 degrees, may be a better day to run on the inside or do jumping jacks in place. outside right now, the news 4 yacht moored in ice along the potomac river. yes, indeed, a cold start once again. it is the great month of january. at least it is sunny out there. temperature now up to 28 balmy degrees at national airport. light wind out of the west at 7.
9:51 am
january, more than five degrees colder than average. here is a list compared to januarys gone by as to how cold this one is not. here is the check of the ten coldest januarys in washington history and their average temperatures. 1918, the coldest january on record. average temperature for the month, 23.7. so far, we are at 29.9 here fr r this one. 1994, the last time we had a cold january. the average monthly temperature was a degree colder than the one we have now. temperatures outside across the area, upper 20s to near 30 degrees right now. winds still out of the north and northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour, has windchills in the mid to high teens to near 20 degrees around town. those winds around for most of the day. the northwest wind putting down more snow. up in the mountains, a winter storm warning. if you are traveling out towards frostburg, maryland, be on the
9:52 am
lookout. current temperature, 10 in buffalo. 7, chicago. winds bringing that cold air down. current windchill, 24 below in minneapolis. atlanta, georgia, near zero. very cold air all the way down to the deep south. could be a big proble the cold air is all the w down into central florida and a hard freeze expected across much of the flo are da peninsula. breezy and frigid around here for today. high pressure starts to inch its way closer to us. we will have a breeze but it won't be quite as gusty as it is this afternoon. today's high,0. tomorrow's high, 38. 36 for the high on monday back to near 40 degrees on tuesday. our average high this time of the year is 42. which wednesday, thursday, friday time frame, we should be at or, it feels good to be
9:53 am
perhaps slightly above average. we are just one week away. next weekend, nbc 4 is kicking off our annual health and fitness expo. it runs at the washington convention center. come visit for free health screening, demonstration and information about how to live a healthy lifestyle. it is a family friendly activity that everyone can enjoy. right, chuck? >>. >> absolutely. the wizards are making every attempt to move away from gilbert arenas. >> good morning, everyone. first it was the gilbert arenas coming down and then the twitter account was shuttered and everything gilbert is being removed from the verizon store. the players are trying to rewrite the script to the season. it got started last night when the team captain, antoine
9:54 am
jamison, made a heartfelt pre-game speech to the sfans. >> on behalf of my teammates, this organization, coach and staff, we know it has been a trying week. one thing my teammates and i take very seriously is that of being a positive role model is something we don't take lightly. there was a picture shown of us taking this event very likely. test test test i am yourcyour captain and these guys are my teammates to make this one of the most prespektable organizations in the league. >> there is antoine jamison's dad, albert jamison. it took a lot of guts for antoine to make that speech. first half, not pretty. mike miller turns it over.
9:55 am
he is running the court, brandan bass does not, corrals the rebound and throws it down. put the magic up by 11. third quarter, rashard lewis, from the land of three, off the mark here. matt barnes grabs the rebound. look at rashard, give it to me, i'm wide open. where is the defense? more of the same from the wizards. wizards down by 10. antoine drains the three. that really gothe wizards going. antoine, 28 points and 11 rebounds on the evening. the player of game had to be brendan haywood. haywood battles for the board and puts it back up and in to give the wizards the league for good. 18 points, 15 rebounds and the crowd reacted, one of several standing ovations they gave the wizards last nigh. another guy who will be seeing a
9:56 am
lot more minutes with gilbert out is randy foi. 20 points, six assists including some big baskets. a much-needed win over the magic, 104-97. >> in order to turn this thing around, we have to do it in-house, with the players and the coaching staff. the first and most important thing is to keep it out of the locker room, keep all the distractions away and concentrate on playing basketball and find ways to get wins. >> as a unit, organization, team, the head coach, is it just showed character. everything else that was going on, we had to put behind us. we say, here we go. you on the court. let's go. >> we definitely needed the win because we had lost a couple. it was time to start trying to turn this thing around. you can't dig too deep of a hole. we dug one already that seems like it is too big.
9:57 am
we are going to keep fighting. >> good game tofor brandan haywood. redskins assistants were given the night off and told to report for second interviews. no one hired or fired yet. he has met with most of the coaches. he probably is only going to keep a couple of them around. so far, the only spot that has been filled is offensive coordinator, that will be his son, kyle shanahan, the 30-year-old, very successful as an offensive coordinator in houston. defensively, shanahan wants to run a 3-4 scheme, set to interview former rams' coach, jim haslett. mike zimmer also in the running. seattle fired head coach, jim more after, after o mora after one season.
9:58 am
they are close to getting pete carol to come on board. they would pay him $7 million per year. that's the morning sports. i'm dan hellie. everybody, have a great weekend! it's 9:58. don't go anywhere. still another half hour of this extended version of "news4 today." why a man is facing charges after trying to get one last guide by kiss. some call them the original white house party crashers. why a celebrity stylist is suddenly part of the salahi investigate. you will have to
9:59 am
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10:01 am
the saga continues. we are lerning new details about the wizards gun investigation, why more than one player is now facing consequences. nickelled and dimed, drawn and quartered. stting today, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to park in the district. a big day for bubba, the injured pickup who just had to make it back home. an update on the story that had our phones ringing off the hook in the newsroom. good morning, everyone. i'm kimberly suiters. you are watching the weekend edition of "news4 today." it's freezing. i don't know what the weather is but i know it's getting lower
10:02 am
and lower. >> got to have the ears covered. i think that's the coldest part of the body. >> i'm wearing like 14 layers right now. >> every christmas gift sweater becomes a necessity right now. >> people are doing anything they can to stay warm as bitter cold temperatures hold steady over our area. even the pooches aren't immune from this freezing weather they are. let's head over to chuck bell. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody. off to a breezy and cold start. no doubt about it. you are going to need to bundle up in layers and drink your hot chocolate on your way out the door today. hire is a check of our city camera view. even with the sunshine out there, that ice is going a whole lot of nowhere. we have made it all the way to 30e degrees in washington. 30 degrees in springfield and quantico. 28 degrees. manassas, 30 degrees. frederick, maryland, 30 degrees.
10:03 am
wind che windchills in the teens to 20s. we might get up to 31 or 32 degrees with that northwest wind, kimberly, will keep us on the cold side. complete check of the seven-day forecast coming up in a few more minutes. >> thank you, chuck. the washington wizards have gun life without gilbert. they played their firts game without star shall gilbert arenas last night. he was suspendedier in the week for his conduct during an investigation about guns in the locker room. four other wizards were fined for smiling and laughing in a photograph taken while arenas pretended to shoot them. most fans think he got what he deserved. >> i am a little dit appointed in gilbert and the fact that the
10:04 am
wizards didn't move a little faster and had to have the league intervene. i'm okay with is it. it's sports. >> he thinks he can get away with a lot of stuff and he got caught. he has to pay the price. >> as for the investigation into what happened inside that locker room between gilbert arenas and teammate, javaris crittenton, they are looking for just outside of the players locker room to see players' reactions to the gun event. if you are driving in the district today, free parking is a thing of the past. this is the first saturday you will have to pay to park at a meter. derrick ward, live with the details. derrick, do you have to use quarters where you are or can you swipe your credit card there? >> reporter: actually, here at adams morgan is one of the
10:05 am
places with the automated parking system. the bottom line is, if you park in a place like this, most days, september sunday, ul have to kig deeper. the new system is supposed to be simpler. there are now two types of zones, premium zones where parking is two dollars an hour. parking about 75 cents an hour. most metered parking anytime city falls under the premium category, adams morgan, georgetown, chinatown and the mall. 17,000 meters. this has to be updated. 100,000 signs that have to be replaced to reflect the changes. >> pay the attention to the signs, please. we are not looking to catch anybody. we really -- again, there is 100,000 signs. we can't change them all in the day. >> that's a bummer. maybe i won't come out saturdays then. >> i won't be parking ai lot.
10:06 am
>> reporter: enforcement will also continue until 10:00 p.m. and on saturday. we are getting off kind of cheap. places like baltimore, philadelphia, new york city and l.a., at least $3 an hour. relative bargain. >> derrick ward live for us there, thank you. a metro train operator has been removed after pay after a team of track inspectors were almost hit last month after metro listed a six-month band on giving inspectors access to live tracks. the oversight committee says inspectors had to stram believe out of the way after the operate tore made no attempts to slow the train down. no one was hurt in that incident. metro is facing a $30 million lawsuit from a woman who was hit and nearly killed by a bus last fall. she is suing the trance agency claiming the driver should never
10:07 am
have been behind the wheel in the first place. the driver, karla proctor, had reportedly been involved in two other incidents and gotten five traffic tickets last year. procter has since been fired. the imagine accused of causing the security scare at the newark airport faces a trespassing chorg. he w he was arrested at his home. they think he is the man ducking under a rope in a restricted area after watching the security guard leave his post. the man walked off with a woman, apashtly giving her a good-bye kiss. it grounded flights and stranded passengers for hours. >> there is a message that goes out there that says, don't try it, don't try it. if you do, we are going to catch
10:08 am
you. >> the 28-year-old suspect is a rutgers university doctoral student from china. he is on administrative leave facing possible disciplinary action. they are accused of crashing the hottest ticket in town. a cebrity stylist is now part of an investigation tareq and michaele salahi could be accused of lying to an official in the case. they have subpoenaed her makeup artist and the stylist who did her hair was also subpoenaed. the time is now 10:08. just how cold is this weekend going to get? chuck's forecast is straight ahead. an update on bubba the
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
an update on a story that's gotten a tremendous response since we first brought it to you this first. we are talking about bubba, a puppy that found his way home after getting lost in december's blizzard. last night, surgery on his behind legs went well. day he is undergoing surgery on his front legs. the latest hurdle on this amazing story of survival. the latest story, finding bubba a new home. >> meet bubba, one tough pit bull. >> he was out in the snow and
10:12 am
wind and cold. as you can see, he doesn't have a lot of hair. so we believe he was hit by a car and somehow through his will to survive, he drug himself home. >> reporter: this 11-month-old puppy got away from his manassas home during the blizzard of 2009. somehow, he survived two weeks with no food, no shelter. he was badly injured. nonetheless, he still found his way home. >> when he came in, his temperature was 9 degrees. that alone was life threatening. we had to get his temperature up to get him to the point where his body would be able to repair itself from all the injuries. >> reporter: bubba also broke two of his legs and has nasty cuts from what looks like being hit by a car. the mission of the vet office is not only to heal him but to raise money it pay for his medical costs and to get him a
10:13 am
new home. office manager, sherry mire, has led the charge. >> his owner, unfortunately, is financially limited. he said that he cashed his last unemployment cash last week. this is such a large amount of money for someone unployed to co come up with. he loves this dog but knows it is his chance to get a new home. >> reporter: bubba still needs donations to cover the cost. >> he is very friendly. he hasn't shown one ounce of aggression even though he has been frozen, broken and starved, he has always been very sweet. >> reporter: craig melvin, "news4 today." if you are interesting in adopting bubba, 703-594-3324, or
10:14 am
sending money.
10:15 am
10:16 am
it is freezing cold once again i'm sorry to tell you if you haven't headed out yet. >> that's right. a lot of people like the cold. there are sh people in this world that enjoy the cold weather, people from russia. >> here? >> they have their own diplomatic assignment. they like a little touch of
10:17 am
siberia and a touch of the arctic. it is not going to be crazy cold. it won't be anywhere near as windy and miserable as it was just a week ago. it is still going to be a cold one. bundle up in your lars, eat your oatmeal on the way out the door. that will keep you warm. a look at the lincoln memorial on the end of the national mall. beautiful sunshine gleaming off the roof there. cold january sunshine. no doubt about it. 30 degrees in washington. our wind out of the north averaging 20 miles an hour. windchill, 17. just to make you feel warmer last time, we were more than 60 degrees here in washington. december the 3rd, not so very long ago when we made it up to 65 degrees. have not been above 60 since december the 3rd. have no 60s anywhere in the next seven days. if you like the warmer weather, you may have to fly out to the west. temperatures still below the freezing mark in the area. windchills remain in the teens
10:18 am
to near 20 degrees. still, very much a wind-chilled afternoon. snow is still falling across extreme western maryland up in the mountains of west virginia and far southern western pennsylvania. the inch that we had yesterday is going to continue to evaporate or melt away. windchills in the teens. below teens in minneapolis. minus 13 the current windchill. this northwest wind is going to continue to push cold air down into the area for the rest of today, tonight and much of tomorrow as well. high pressure over eastern nebraska. we are going to be on the cold side of things around here. expect a frigid night tonight. low temperatures dropping back down into the teens. colder suburbs may get into the high, single digits by first thing tomorrow morning. be on the lookout for a cold
10:19 am
start on your sunday. after we get into monday, tuesday, the time frame, things will start to moderate a bit. for today, sunny, breezy and cold, windchills in the teens. highs today, not much higher than we are. tomorrow, sunny and still quite cold. because we are going to start out colder tomorrow morning, we will not get as cold. monday, 36. tuesday, up to 40 degrees. a nice little warming trend. temperatures back a few ticks above average. snow lovers, sorry about that. >> i do love snow but i hate the cold. >> that is a contradiction, kimberly. >> i realize that. >> the public apology a
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:22 am
welcome back. the wizards are making every attempt to move away from gilbert arenas. they started off by winning. first, it was the gilbert arenas coming down and then the twitter account was shut terd. now, everything gilbert has been removed from team stores at verizon center. the players are trying to
10:23 am
rewrite the script to the season. it got started when the team captain, antoine jamison, made a heartfelt pre-game speech to the fans. >> on behalf of my teammates, this organization, coaching staff, we know it has been a trying week. one thing my teammates and i take very seriously is being a positive role model is something we don't take lightly. there has been a picture shown of us taking this event very lightly. this is a serious situation. it is something that we take to heart. we never meant to make light of the situation and we are going to do everything in our power as long as i am your captain, as long as these guys right here are my teammates to make this one of the most respectable organizations in the league. >> there is antoine jamison's
10:24 am
dad. it took a lot of guts for him to make that speech. mike miller turns it over. j.j. redick gets it. he feeds michael peatris. he throws it down. put the magic up by 11. rashard lewis, dangerous. matt barnes gbs the rebound. look at rashard, give it to me, i'm wide open. where is the defense? looked like more of the same from the wizards. fourth quarter, wizards down by ten. swings it over to antoine. antoine drains the three. that really got the wizards going. antoine, 28 points and 11 rebounds. the player of the game had to be brendan haywood, puts itack up and in to give the wizards the lead for good. hayward has 18 points, 15 rebounds.
10:25 am
the crowd reacted, one of several standing ovations they gave the wizards. another guy who will be seeing a lot more minutes with gilbert out is randy foy. he started at point guard. 20 points, six assists. they get a much-needed win over the magic, 104-97. >> in order to turn this thing arnd, we have to do it inhouse. we have to do it with the players and coaching staff. the first and most important thing is to, you know, keep it out the locker room. keep all the distractions away and concentrate on playing basketball and trying to find ways to get wins and turn this thing around. >> as a eunit, organization, team, it shows character. we went out there and committed ourselves to playing basketball. everything else that was going on, we put that behind us. we said, everything, let's go. >> we needed to win, because we lost a couple. it was time to start trying to turn this thing around.
10:26 am
you can't dig too deep of a hole. we dug a hole enough. it seemed like it was too big. we will keep fighting and chipping away. good game for brendan haywood. redskins assistants from given the weekend off and told to report back early monday morning. no one hired or fired yet. shanahan has met with most of the coaches. he probably is only going to keep a couple of them around. so far, the only spot on his staff that's been filled is offensive coordinator. that will be his son, kyle shanahan, the 30-year-old, very successful as an offensive coordinator this past season in houston. defensively, shanahan wants to run a 3-4 scheme and is set to interview former ram's coach jim haslett for the defensive coordinator position. seattle fired head coach jim
10:27 am
mora after one season much the sea hawks close to getting usc head coach, pete carol to come on board as head coach and team president. the deal would be just like shanahan's with the redskins and pay him $7 million per year. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hellie. have a great weekend! you know that crazy friend you have who thinks he is good enough to hit a home run or score a touchdown for his favorite team? a little arm chair quarterback. one guy in indone eesh ysia, hed to run on the field and try to score a goal for the international indonesian team. he said he was frustrated at his team's performance. adding insult to injury shlt, indonesia lost the game. >> i don't care how bad the
10:28 am
redskins were last season, there is no way i would ever step on the field. that's it for "news4 today." thanks for starting your d
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